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8 Tips for Staying Healthy While on the Road With an Aging Parent – Huffington Post

Senior woman with eyes closed in back seat of carMajor thanks to Valerie M. Grubb for writing a superb piece about traveling with aging parents.  Also, for being such a terrific POParent going on the road for more good times and worthwhile memories.
Reading the piece in the link brought back a memory of taking my own aging folks on a short road trip to Long Island from NYC.  When I found my oh-so respectable Dad taking a pee in the parking lot of a shopping center while I accompanied my Mom to throw up at a McDonald’s, I was sure I’d gone back several decades … to when the kids were young.
How about you?  Do you have memories of trips with your aging parents — ones you can share?  Well, let’s hear ’em. Leave your comments below.

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