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5 Ways to Start Now Creating A Legacy to be Remembered

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We all want to be remembered. How do YOU want to be remembered? Have you considered what YOU’d want to leave behind for your children, grandchildren, your community and friends to remember you by?

Here are 5 ways to leave a bit of your mark on the world or help someone who wants to:

1. Write letters to loved ones – Write out what your hopes for their futures and share with them the valuable lessons you’ve learned.

2. Research your family’s genealogy – Find out more about your family history so your descendants will know where you and they came from.

3. Take a family trip– Whether you go on a long European vacation or just take an excursion to a local beach town, taking a trip with your loved ones can create memories for a lifetime.

4. Donate to worthy causes you care about – By donating time, money and/or personal items, you can help those more needy and leave a small legacy beyond your family to your community where you will be remembered with kindness and appreciation as well.

5. Create a family recipe book – Make a book with all those treasured recipes that you’ve collected and been known for over the years. You may even want to start baking or cooking the recipes together as a family, teaching your family your best cooking techniques and then eating them.

Leaving a legacy or helping someone leave a legacy is a great way for you to leave valued and treasured memories of your life for others to celebrate. Let the POP community know what you’re thinking about how you can leave your legacy? Please share your thought below.

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