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5 Tips to Help You Actually Start Your Second Career, New Hobby or Your Third Chapter

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At age 59, Janice McClintock is .  Although she had a desire since childhood to be a teacher, Janice waited until her kids were grown and took the time to care for her aging parents before pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher.


Whether you’re waiting too switch careers until your children are grown, like Janice, or you decide to wait to study painting until later in life, it’s never never too late to create your “next thing.” Begin building what you want now for this time in your life — it’s NOT too late.


Here are 5 tips to get you headed in the right direction when starting your second career, new hobby or third chapter:


1.  Re-define “Failure”:  Look at “failure” as part of the process of learning, expanding and having the courage to try something new.  Remove the stigma and remember that any time you grow, “mistakes” will be made and knowledge will be gained.  Ever seen a baby get up and walk on his first try?


2.  DON’T fall prey to your own excuses: Recently transitioned Dr. Wayne Dyer emphasized many times in his book “No Excuses ” that age should never be used an excuse to stop you from following your dreams.  If you start today – 10 years from now your life will look a lot different than 10 years full of excuse-making.


3.  Visualize your path:  Seeing as real where you want to go and how you are going to get there will help you plan out your desirable goal and help you accomplish it.  Go beyond imagining to really watching yourself doing, being and having what you want.


4.  Don’t compare yourself with others:  It’s easy to get sidetracked when we compare ourselves to what others are accomplishing.  It’s important to not let other people’s successes or their comments discourage you from staying on your path to fulfilling your dream — after all, it is yours!


5. Gather a support system:  Everyone needs positive strokes. Surround yourself with individuals who believe in you and your abilities.  And do your best to insulate yourself from those who don’t see your vision or bring you down with their negativity.


Do you want to start a second career or a new hobby or a third life chapter?  Tell us all about your dreams and, by doing so, let us help make you them your next reality.

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