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5 Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s


“Alzheimer’s is the cleverest thief, because she not only steals from you, but she steals the very thing you need to remember what’s been stolen. ”
― Jarod Kintz

One of the greatest challenges of caring for your aging parents is the onset of debilitating illnesses like the form of dementia called Alzheimer’s.    Your once active parents who were involved in so much of day-to-day life may eventually become the sedentary strangers who no longer recognize you when you come into the room.

If you’re like others, you may not “wish” to see what’s happening.

But you will want to become aware of the early signs of this possible illness that is attacking Americans at the rate of one every 68 seconds!


  1. Noticeable Changes in Your Parents Mood and Behavior

People with Alzheimer’s often have quick shifts in their mood.  They can seem very happy one minute talking to you about a great social gathering they attended years before and then all of a sudden become agitated or sad.

  1. Changes in the Daily Upkeep of Their Home and Their Appearance.

You may start to notice that everything isn’t as it once was around your parents’ formerly well-kept and maintained home.  Dirty dishes sit in the sink, piles of clothes on the floor, dust collecting in the corners.  You may also start to notice that your parents are less attentive with the way the look.  You may see uncombed hair, faces unshaven, clothes that are wrinkled and unpressed.

  1. Unfinished Sentences or Repeating Thoughts

Stopping mid-sentence and not remembering what they were talking about in the first place is another possible symptom.  You may hear your parents start calling things by the wrong names or struggling to find the right words. Frequent repeating what they’ve just said to you is also a common occurrence.

  1. Getting Lost

You may find your parents strolling through the grocery store aisles and stopping all of a sudden, distressed with not knowing where they are or how they got there.

  1. Forgetting How to Complete Day to Day Tasks

Once simple tasks like knowing how to sew on a button, turn on email or pay their bills may seem more challenging or even impossible.If you feel like your parents are experiencing one or more of these signs and not sure what your next steps should be please contact one of our professionally certified POP Family Coaches to help navigate you and your family through this challenging journey.

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