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Untitled designI’ve been reading a lot lately about the health benefits of good friendship. The researchers say it’s especially important, as we age, to keep up our old friendships and to make new ones. It is sad but it’s also true that people we love will become ill, get forgetful, move away, die or just move on in life without us. To stay happy, we will want to keep reaching out for and giving friendship.

Over the weekend I had the chance to share time with one of my friends with whom the resonance is so mutual that we chose to adopt each other as “sisters.” Sue is older than me, wiser and “re-tired” in her mid 80’s, or, as she calls it, she “re-wired” herself from being a full-time minister with a congregation to spending more of her energies dancing, (yes, dancing) writing, counseling and “guest preaching.”

During the talk Sue gave this weekend, she shared four spiritual steps for how we might live the “examined life” in order to joyously welcome in the coming New Year. I share it here with you now as a recipe (with her permission, of course) as I found her offering a highly useful “perch “from which to consider how I wished to view my past year and plan for my future ahead.

Try out the 4-Step recipe and let us know what you dished up for yourself?

Question to Self: #1? WHAT CAN I TAKE AWAY OF VALUE? That is, what insights, forgiveness, relationships can I call “complete” for myself now?

Question to Self: #2? WHAT STAYS? That is, what’s the launching pad I’ve been developing for my next, greater Self in this New Year?

Question to Self: #3? WHAT’S NEXT? That is, what’s capturing my eye, my imagination, my excitement for this New Year?

Question to Self: #4? WHAT’S IT GOING TO TAKE? That is, how will I be able to “walk my talk?” What actions, decisions, collaborations will I need to make and what courage, follow-through and other qualities will I wish to expand in myself to achieve my WHAT’S NEXT?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Dr. Sue and many other spiritual lessons she has to share, check out her website at

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