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Hi Brenda,

We are so sorry to hear about your mother.

We have gathered so many resources for caregivers, many of whom has felt overwhelmed and not sure what to do next.

Our readers have found our POP book, “Oh My God! We’re Parenting Our Parents!” extraordinarily comforting and very practical. This self-help book is a step-by-step memoir of one woman’s journey that, as the numerous Amazon reviewers attest, is oddly universal. We hope you will join those numerous POParents and seniors who have found answers, comfort and help with “bibliotherapy,“ that is, reading helpful stuff.

On the website we also offer substantial help to caregivers in our blog which is becoming a more active feature of the POP community.

In addition, the website explains and offers those in distress access to our unique and highly effective POP Family Coaching program that’s helped so many families like yours across the nation.

Finally our Resources page, a second-to-none accumulation of helpful services and, soon, products has led to much help. Please use as many of these as you can!

We also invite our growing POP community to reach out to you, Patti, to offer you their support, specific suggestions and comments.