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Hi Selena – you’ll usually want to start a brand new topic to ask a new question… otherwise it can easily be overlooked! I’ll do my best to help though:

I’m wondering why you think he should go?  Most old people want to stay where they are.  Can’t you make his home nice and safe? If you insist that he needs to go to an assisted living, you probably have your reasons.  Perhaps you can give it some more time and keep looking for opportunities to bring up the subject. When you see the opportunity ask if he will “indulge” you and visit a few Assisted Living places.Sometimes things get worse before seniors see they’re better off moving in with their peers.  Things may start happening more and more that make your father realize he can’t live on his own anymore, if that is the case.   You may have to get their doctor involved and have him or her explain the benefits of this move and the disadvantages of “aging in place.”