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Seeing the “Invisible Patient” – NY Times

desperate“invisible patient,” the one supporting an elderly family member with dementia or a heart condition or diabetes — or all of the above. Given that there are currently 43.5 million people providing this kind of support to adults ages 50 and older, and that without them the long-term care system would collapse, you’d think the proposition that somebody ought to be paying attention to them would be a no-brainer.

Many doctors fail to see the caregivers who are taking so much of their time and energy caring for their elderly loved ones. The signs of stress, anxiety and depression are there. However, the doctor is mainly concerned for the welfare of the elderly patient and very well may never notice the accompanying caretaker.

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?

Does the doctor of your elderly loved one overlook your symptoms?

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Read the full NY Times article here: Seeing the “Invisible” Patient

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