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Retire, Re-Wire, or Re-Create Yourself? What Will YOU Choose to Make Yourself Happy?

Retire 8.29.17What will YOU do to leave your family and community a legacy?

We, at POP, are reading articles and hearing from you in our community about how much loneliness and purposelessness many of you are feeling after you “leave work,” and/or lose your loved ones to illness, dementia and death.

But, truly, YOU have more and more choices of how to live happily and love your life during your latter years. Don’t you want to leave a positive influence on your world.. a legacy for your family and your community?
YOU can write the script for your next act: but first, you need to:

(1) decide you want a next act and, then
(2) let yourself dream about the greater number of possibilities available.

Read on and let us know what you’re deciding about your next act, and how you discovered that. 

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