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You need an Elder Care lawyer, they know all about Medicaid.  If she has any assets left I believe you can poor them into her house for repairs, handicap access etc.  Of course you need Power of Attorney, or your Mom to understand this stuff and work with you.  Last I heard it is 7 years to give away assets.  What I mean is Mom could give you all her money, but unless it has been 7 years since that give away.  when she goes to a nursing home, Medicaid wants that money, including the worth of her house.  If she owns her house you can look into a reverse mortgage.  Its like going backwards, now you sell your house to the bank and theygive you so much money per month to live on.   Of course once house worth is used up you no longer get a check, but they still let her live in it until she dies.  People  through medicaid and a visiting nurse service can get companions, home health aides,{ they give baths, do light cleaning, fix meals, help with pills if already set up in a medication box.}, cleaning ladies that also can do grocery shopping.  you can use her assets to take care of her and then get her on medicaid.  But , this all takes time.  I highlly suggest talking to her MD about a referral to visiting nurse.  Some insurance do pay for visiting nurse.   I was a visiting nurse for 9 years, and they have a wealth of knowledge, you can even get a social worker through them to come to the house.  Just make sure you know costs before they come to the house. Get a lawyer and good luck.