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Hi Kaye;   Ten years oh my God you are a saint.  I’ve been taking care of my parents at there house for 5 years and I’m ready to strangle them both.  My parents were always strong people;  now those strong personalities are difficult to deal with.   Acceptance does help but it is difficult to change gears.  sorry you don’t have any sisters and brothers.  Any Adult DayCare in your area?  I know its a pain to get them there.  But it would also improve his socialization.  Like you needed someone to talk to is there anyplace he can meet old friends.  They need jobs too.  You unknowingly isolate a person when they have no jobs within the family.  Most people can fold clothes.  Make sure he knows he’s helping you out.  Its more of a pain to get them to do stuff but it gives them a sense of worth.  My Mom has worsening dementia, but she is used to running her house.  So I sit her at the table and let her peel potatoes or carrots.  She takes three times as long as I do, but it gives her a sence of acccomplishment.  Men are tougher especially if they never did a darn thing in the house.  I frequently ask my Dads advice on something.  He’s an engine guy so I ask him how to winterize my lawnmower.  I may have already done it , but I ask.  Don’t isolate him anyone gets very angry, sounds like he has lost his sense of purpose.  Good Luck, you are a saint.