Parenting Your Mom: Transforming this Mother’s Day into a Memorable, Meaningful Experience

Can it be possible that you’re old enough to have a Mom who herself could use a special gift from you this year, a gift that only you can give her?


After years of giving you “all she’s got,” can you imagine that your Mother might this year be tired? aging? desirous of something special from the child she raised?


Anyone can buy some flowers, or pick out a card that says “Happy Mother’s Day!”  In some ways, that can be quite pleasant.   And it’s far better than ignoring or forgetting your Mom.  But, unless you show that you mean to truly honor your Mom, such annual, often predictable offerings may seem hollow.  


You have the power to transform this Mother’s Day - and hopefully future days with your Mother - into a memorable experience that feels so much more meaningful than any that’s come before.  You are hereby invited to mark this Mother’s Day as the day you commit to giving your Mom a very special gift, one that hopefully reminds you of your Mom’s loving parenting of you when you were small.   How can you do this?


Without having your own agenda, listen to what your Mom tells you she “really” wants this year, and then, honor her by giving it to her.  


For example, what most Mom’s “want” from their offspring is not more stuff.  

What most Mom’s really want is one or many of these:

the gift of your time; 

the gift of your paying attention to what she feels and thinks -- without a device in your hand or a judgment on your lips;

the gift of seeing you act kindly and generously to her and others;

the gift of watching you excel at what you ‘re doing; 

the gift of knowing you’re enjoying your life.  


When you share these types of gifts with your Mom - no matter how old either of you is, and no matter what day of the year - your mutual connection is reinforced and the love flows. 


Try it!! You both could have your best Mother’s Day ever!

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