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How POP Family Coaching Could Help You and Your Family

An elderly woman talking to psychologistIf you’re stuck, frustrated with how you’re managing your aging parents as well as your own life, kids, spouse and job, but know there must be “answers” somewhere, there’s someone who CAN help you: a Certified POP Family Coach!

Maybe YOU could use help with one or more of these concerns?

1. How can I increase the quality and quantity of our family communications? POP Coaches get families to talk and also to listen to each other, hopefully before there’s a family crisis. Odd though it may seem, you’re not alone feeling stymied, not knowing how to effectively begin the talks you know you need to have — probably conversations delayed and denied for too long. Our coaches “show and tell” families how to begin these talks, learn what’s working and focus on the areas of communication needing more attention.

2. How do I expand my compassion and patience?: Many POParents wish to become more patient and find the compassion they know they “need” when dealing with aging loved ones or family members unappreciative of efforts being made but feel clueless as to how to develop those qualities. Our coaches provide tools that develop compassion for yourself, your fellow POParents and your more dependent loved ones.

3. How can our family design and adhere to a POPlan and finally solve those recurring problems? A mentor of mine used to say: there are at least three ways to solve any problem. Sometimes our thinking gets clouded, particularly when we’re in entangled situations and, try though we will, we feel limited, not seeing any viable solutions. That’s the “trim tab” opportunity to turn your ship around. By helping your family candidly assess needs and resources, assign tasks and obtain accountability to get problems handled and make a POPlan, our Coaches apply their expertise, neutrality and experience to offer you a fresh point of view of the available solutions to the “unsolvable” problems you’ve been frustrated with.

4. Want to know you’ll have ongoing support for you and your family — when, if and as you need it? When you feel there’s no one else who knows your whole story, or your family has reached a new impasse or challenge — another hospitalization, a new diagnosis, a death, having to move Mom and Dad — you have your POP Family Coach to turn to. After seeing the increased family harmony and other results from working with your POP Coach, you’ll want to return to that expert who understands the “back story” and will be there with you, whatever you’re going through and will support you, your siblings, spouse, parents, children and grandchildren get through the different stages of your POPcycle.

5. How can I feel the love and spread the joy of what I’m doing! Our Certified POP Family Coaches are dedicated to sharing the joys of POParenting with families, skilled at helping families reconnect so you can spend your time working and then playing together again, solving your shared problems and easing the winter days of your parents’ lives. Once you’ve made your POPlan and know how things are being “resolved,” everyone can have some good old family fun.

When you have questions about how POP Family Coaching can help you and your family or if you’ve benefited from your coaching, please let us know by commenting below or writing us at:

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