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Exciting Discounts and Announcements for Parenting Our Parents

I am thrilled to share that my book, “Parenting Our Parents: Transforming the Challenge into a Journey of Love” has been so well-received that the publisher has decided to release it in paperback this Fall!

In the book, you will learn how you can:

    • read the signs your parents need help;
    • have “the talk” with your folks;
    • make crucial decisions to get the maximum benefits available;
    • enroll more family to be on the team;
    • balance the elements in the new life you’re taking on as ParentingOurParents will change your life;
    • transform the remarkable challenges of role reversals – legal, emotional, practical, residential – into a true journey of love.

You can pre-order and receive 30% off the list price until August 31, 2022 by using the code RL22NEWPB30 at checkout. If you prefer the hardback or ebook version you can use the code RLFANDF30 as well to receive the discount. Please feel free to share these discounts with your friends and family!

I would also like to share the link to the recording of my free Caregiver Chat with Home Instead and HFC on The Importance of Caregiver Support Groups. It was an extremely helpful discussion that I believe would benefit anyone that is considering joining a support group.

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