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Creating Strong Family Rituals With Our Elderly Parents


Do you remember when you were a kid, how excited you would get about the holidays, your birthday or the annual trip you all took to the mountains? Did you have family rituals or fun activities that you and your parents reminisce about and can still enjoy together?

Now that your parents are getting older, this may be a perfect time for You to create new family rituals that include them along with your kids and others who’ve become part of “the family.”  Your doing so will help strengthen family bonds so they’re there when you need them most.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
    • Prepare Sunday Night Dinners with the particular foods that were your childhood favorites
    • Take a drive in the country and put on an “oldies” station to sing songs from your earlier years as a family
    • Find a favorite classic movie to watch it together and heat some popcorn
    • Take your folks and your kids to a miniature golf course and play together there
What are your family’s rituals and fun activities?  Share your thoughts and ideas.
If you can use some help about to make more joy and less “challenge” out of this time of life, please look into getting a Certified POP Family Coach.


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