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4 Simple Ways to Have “Better Results” with Your Aging Parents: Adopt a Positive Tone

4 Simple Ways to Have “Better Results” with Your Aging Parents-

Is there any chance you’re finding yourself getting upset or frustrated with your senior parents? Are you trying to get them to see and do things your way, or cheer them up with the holidays upon us, only to be faced with negativity from them? Perhaps they’re living in pain, loneliness, nostalgia or depression? Maybe you’d be a little difficult, too…?

Adopting — and then keeping — a positive tone can be challenging, but once accomplished, you will find more joy, more satisfaction in what you’re doing as a POParent. And you will all have a better time together!

Here are 4 simple things you can do when you’re out of ideas how to have a positive tone:

1. Remember to tell them “I love you!” Hearing this simple but warm-hearted statement can help your parents feel reassured. Even when we aren’t so much liking our parents (or our kids), we can still love them up and let them know.

2. Find time to spend quality time together. Even a few minutes in your day spent focused on your POParenting — sitting and talking about your day, having a cup of tea, making your parents feel heard and important will bring you closer and make you all feel better.

3. Listen with an open heart and mind. When you listen from a place of compassion and empathy, it will help you understand what it is your elderly parents are going through. Maybe you can learn more about what it will be like for you when you’re their age …

4. Point out the positives instead of the negatives without being a Pollyanna. While it may seem easy to complain about what your parents are doing that’s wrong, by taking the time to notice and tell them the things they’re doing that are helpful or when they’re making a good effort or completing a difficult task, you can help improve their self-esteem. Everyone will benefit!

How do you adopt a more positive tone? What’s working? Share your thoughts and experiences with your friends at the POP community!

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